Repair Solutions

Bent and Buckled Rims:

Straightening is recommended if the rim is buckled only on the inside wheel well as the work carried out does not compromise the aesthetics of the rim.  Read More

Rim Straightening

Definition: To restore a bent rim to comply with Original Equipment Manufacturers Specifications of 0.5mm tolerance. Read More

CNC Face Machining

Computer Numerical Control Lathe:

The CNC lathe is used for restoring the machined surface of certain wheel styles. Read More

Powder Coated Base Coat

Powder coating powder is a blend of binders, resins, pigments, fillers and additives. The powder is applied in dry granular form directly to the rim via an electrostatic spray process. Read More


Definition: The removal of all paint on the rims, allow for meticulous assessment of the repair and refurbishment. Read More