Powder coating powder is a blend of binders, resins, pigments, fillers and additives. The powder is applied in dry granular form directly to the rim via an electrostatic spray process. The part is cured in an camel back oven at high temperature, where the powder melts into a smooth film. This process is automated thus ensuring no human error when applying the very important base coat. All rims at Re-nu-a-mag are powder coated as part of the process to ensure the following benefits.

More durable – The cured finish is less susceptible to damage such as chipping, scratching and other abrasions.

More consistent finish   – The electrostatic process means that the powder is “attracted” to the rim and can even pull or “wrap” the powder around into the wheel well of the rim. No powder is applied on the hub face and in the bolt holes for safety reasons. Electro statically applied powder is consistent and covers completely.

Cost effective   – There are many features of the powder coating process that make it more economical than a paint base.

  • There are no solvents required for the application
  • Since the electrostatic application process draws the powder to the rim, there is very little overspray or wasted powder
  • The application process is simple