Gone are the days of showing you before and after photo’s to sell our services.

 “Choice without option” is pinned on, quality, integrity service, commitment and a fixed pricing system.

At a fraction of the replacement cost, do we provide a cost effective solution for scraped, bent, cracked or scratched aluminium rims, without sacrificing quality. We professionally repair and refinish damaged aluminium alloy rims.

Re-nu-a-Mag can repair everything from the finish of your rim on a Model T Ford to the super finish on your Porsche rim. Our expertise allow us to refinish specialized surfaces such as Diamond Facing, Chrome Paint, Hyper Silver and Mirror Buffing etc.

Re-nu-a-Mag offers quality repairs to aluminium alloy rims in our state-of-the-art facility. We refinish and bring your rims back to factory specification and all within given turnaround time that cannot be matched. After decades of international exposure in alloy rim manufacturing, Re-nu-a-Mag offers quality refinishing, as well as custom wheel painting and polishing.

Replacing alloy rims can cost thousands, while the restoration or repair of your scuffed and damaged rims will add value to your vehicle at a fraction of the cost.

Re-nu-a-Mag repairs all OEM and aftermarket alloy wheel rims. So, if that damaged wheel is bent, cracked, scratched, or just isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as it was when you bought it, contact us.

We provide services to Automotive Dealerships, Insurance Companies, Auto Repair Centers as well as Retail Wheel and Tyre dealers.